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Join the conversation! Our goal is to help support the sponsors of great ideas as they seek to connect with like-minded people, gain support and create awareness for initiatives and projects.

Join the Bikes at Work Program

The Bikes at Work project helps downtown Pensacola businesses create a bicycle-sharing program for their employees. We provide free technical expertise in setting-up the program, and offer publicity that helps gain positive exposure for participating businesses. Under the program, employers provide bicycles that can be used by employees while at work, allowing them to travel around downtown Pensacola by bicycle rather than by car.  Download the details.

Submit a Proposal

If you have an idea that you would like the Think Beyond community to support, please submit an Event Proposal Form or Initiative Proposal Form to the Think Beyond board.  All initiatives are welcome for consideration. The Think Beyond board will review submissions and provide ideas for how to move your project or event forward.

5 Key Criteria:
•    Reach—What is the potential community benefit/impact?
•    Accessibility—Will the event appeal to the community, and who will attend?
•    Support—What individuals, organizations or companies currently back the event or a similar event?
•    Innovation—How is the event different for Pensacola? Why will people care?
•    Resources—What will be required to make the event successful (Financial/Human/Time)?

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You can support the work of Think Beyond Pensacola as a member for an annual donation of $20. If you are interested in becoming a member or want more information about specific committees, community events or projects, please contact us at

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