Think Beyond Pensacola is a growing organization committed to supporting environmental, social and economic innovation in the Pensacola Bay Area.

Our goal is to successfully nurture and embed a culture of sustainability into the community by launching new initiatives and partnering with organizations that are already accomplishing great things.

The mission is to educate, connect, inspire and develop a sustainable Pensacola through a diverse community that network, explores, and acts to promote environmental, social, and economic innovation.   

We are no longer needed because we have successfully nurtured and embedded a culture of innovation and sustainability into our community. Through sharing our success we have become a restorative force around the world. 

Board Members:
The diverse group of founding members represents successful organizations throughout Pensacola, and has demonstrated a history of expertise and passion around sustainable innovation. They also share the deeply held belief that “the best answers to the challenges we face aren’t always found behind the biggest desk.”

Board of Directors:

 – Jim Sparks, Onpace Local

Board Members
 – Mona A. Amodeo, idgroup
 – Julie Sheppard, IHMC
 – Teresa Dos Santos, DIRTT
 – Randy Hammer, IHMC 
 – Lindsey Myers, WUWF 
 – Hong Tran, Baptist Healthcare 
 – Jill Thomas, Innisfree Hotels